Message from Sasaguchi elementary school (Niigata,JAPAN)


We are students of Sasaguchi elementary school in Niigata.

We advertise about

Light Pageant in Niigata 2018“.

Advertise Team

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We are the advertisement team.

This team will advertise about the light pageant.
We will make a poster & leaflet. We will advertise with TV and radio.


Keyaki-tree Team(beautification activities)

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We are the “keyaki tree” team.

We will do three things.
First, we will decorate the tree with our hopes.
Second, we will clean up keyaki street.
Third, we will give a quiz about the light pageant.

Goods Team

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We are the goods team.

This team is crafting four kinds of goods.
First, we are crafting table mats.
Second, we are crafting coasters.
Third, we are crafting postcards.
Finally, we are crafting ornaments.
We will sell the goods. Thank you.

Song & Wedding ceremony Team

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We are the song and wedding team.

Our team will make an original song.
We will make a song with a song writer.
We will give a flower bouquette at the wedding.

Foods(Sweets) team

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We are the foods team.

We will sell madeleines at the light pageant.
The madeleines are rice flour and pear flavor.
The college will make the madeleines.

LED Light Team

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We are the LED light team.

We will make a “capsule LED”.
This is LED lights in a capsule. We will decorate the stage with this.
And, we will make a slide show.